James O’Malley Vacation Video Went Viral

james omalleyCanada may be experiencing one of the most unpleasant winters in memory, yet that didn’t stop U.K. homeowner James O’Malley from visiting the Great White North.

The London-based journalist took a trip to Canada for 3 weeks to see his sweetheart Liz’s family members in Timmins, Ont., and recorded his journey in a three-minute clip, catching all outcomes Canadian.

“My Canadian partner insisted that I see the Canadian winter season!” O’Malley wrote on Reddit.
Exactly what I Performed in Canada: British adventurer’s video clip

James O’Malley in his YouTube video clip “Exactly what I did in Canada.”.

In the “Just what I performed in Canada” video, O’Malley associates a moose, a polar bear and a buffalo, and checks out a few of Toronto’s famous vacationer destinations, including the CN Tower, Honest Ed’s, the Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma.

He also attempts his hand at a few of the most quintessential Canadian tasks: snowmobiling, ice fishing and 5-pin bowling.

“We had a spread sheet to plan the trip to optimize it,” O’Malley informed CTV’s Canada AM. “All the tasks we did were finished with participants of Liz’s household, so it was about hanging out with her family.”.

O’Malley’s getaway highlight reel has actually because amassed majority a million views considering that being uploaded to YouTube on March 8.

“I have no idea why individuals like viewing it, it’s merely me aiming at things,” O’Malley stated.

Yet readers on Reddit were glad to view O’Malley enjoying his time in Canada.

“I always question just what the rest of the world considers Canada,” composed one user on Reddit. “I often assume that we’re too uninteresting or do not have good enough to thrill prospects, but this video clip brought a smile to my face.”.

“You have actually done more Canadian points compared to most Canadians will ever before do,” wrote another.

And O’Malley states he’s currently thinking about one more Canadian adventure.

“The germ of the concept at the moment is we would like to do a trip maybe from the East Coastline throughout Quebec, and ending in Timmins again,” he stated. “And one day I would certainly enjoy to do a coast-to coast point and see it all.”.