All You Need To Know About Owning A Portuguese Water Dog

willow-creek-waterdogs-img-7Finding the ideal family pet can be a complex task as there are various considerations that must be made before making a purchase. The majority of families will opt for a highly active pet; however, if you are a more sedentary individual it may be best to buy a lass active dog. Furthermore, you must consider allergies, living conditions and any phobias about large or small dog breeds. This article will provide insight into owning a Portuguese Water Dog and what to expect from this breed.

The Portuguese Water Dog is known as a Water Dog because of its intense love for water. This type of dog, based on, generally presents with a very pleasant and stable temperament allowing for easy and non-threatening interactions – the ideal family dog. Similar to Labradors, the Portuguese Water Dog is a sensible dog with an affinity to please their owner. It is highly obedient, but can be mischievous at times as this dog thrives on being the center of attention.

The breed is highly intelligent and can be easily trained. The Water Dog is also very intuitive and responds most effectively to calm, consistent and strong personalities. It is important to remember that despite their ability to obey commands; this dog will attempt to control situations if it believes you do not have a stable mentality.

As is mentioned above, the Portuguese Water Dog is an ideal family pet. They are very friendly and will interact with children easily. It should be noted that while the Water Dog is companionable, they do require a period of time before they are completely comfortable around other pets. To prevent any possible alterations, it is recommended that you supervise the dog when around additional pets.

The Portuguese Water Dog has a sturdy and robust physique with adults weighing between 35 and 55 pounds. The Water Dog is medium-sized animal and will grow to a maximum of 23 inches tall. This breed of dog presents with a very thick curling coat with a coloring of black, brown or white. It is important to groom the dog regularly as the coat can become matted within a few weeks if not cared for appropriately.

As can be seen, the Portuguese Water Dog is ideal for the active individual with a family. Due to their intelligence and obedience, the Water Dog will make an excellent guard dog. It must be mentioned that this breed requires high levels of exercise and prefers being outdoors; therefore, you must consider living conditions before purchasing the Water Dog.

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Canada Safety Tips: Removing Asbestos as Home

cleanfirst-toronto-3Until relatively recently, asbestos was commonly used as a fire retardant in homes and office buildings. It was used in tiles and in flues as a way to prevent the spread of fire, but what builders did not realize was that asbestos was incredibly dangerous. The fine fibers in the material are a health hazard, and if inhaled they can cause lung diseases and cancer.

If you find asbestos in your home you may be tempted to remove it, but this is actually the worst thing that you could do. Trying to remove the asbestos yourself could disturb the fibers and create an even worse health hazard. As long as the asbestos is left undisturbed, and it is not damaged, it is likely safer to leave it in place until you can afford to have it removed by, an expert in asbestos removal.

Homes that were built between 1930 and 1950 are likely to have asbestos in their insulation, and homes that were renovated even as recently as the 1970s could have textured paint which contains asbestos. In addition, some artificial embers that were used to decorate gas-powered fireplaces contain asbestos, as do some old stove-top pads, and even the flooring used around wood burning stoves.

cleanfirst-toronto-4If you live in an older property and you are thinking of having extensive renovation work done on your home you should have it inspected for asbestos first. If you suspect that an appliance, some tiles, pipes, or anything else contains asbestos, do not touch it or try to move it. Look for signs of wear and tear. If the material is damaged, then it is important that you have it removed and disposed of by a professional as soon as possible. If the material is in good condition, you can leave it in place if you wish, but you should consider getting it removed before its condition deteriorates. Cracks and damage can cause tiles, insulating bricks and boards to release asbestos fibers into the air.

Do not simply throw asbestos-containing materials into the bin. If you think something you are handling (such as an old ironing board cover or a pair of old oven gloves) contains asbestos, contact your local authority and ask them how to dispose of it properly. They fixed my house in hamilton and gave me the contact details of an organization that can safely dispose of the material.